filmolux 610

Features / Product Properties

Improved Quality - Now with higher adhesion!

  • 70 μm soft-PVC
  • glossy
  • crystal-clear
  • high initial adhesion
  • very strong adhesion
  • silicone paper backing with grid for easy cutting
  • suitable for working with the BLS-L
  • ideal for adhesive-repellent surfaces such as textile


2660050m x 2cm
2660150m x 3cm
2660250m x 4cm
2660350m x 6cm
2661950m x 8cm
2661750m x 10cm
2660625m x 22cm
2660725m x 24cm
2660825m x 26cm
2660925m x 28cm
2661025m x 30cm
2661125m x 32cm
2661225m x 34cm
2661325m x 36cm
2660425m x 41cm
2661525m x 62cm
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