Media for latex inks

Tested and profiled Media for Latex Inks


Used together with the HP Latex printers, printing services are now able to cover a wide variety of different applications.These range from POP, street and building advertising to exhibition design and vehicle signing as well as a huge variety of signs for events and functions. For these applications, latex print technology provides durable, odourless prints. They also offer a high level of versatility and productivity so that printing services are able to increase their capacities while minimising their impact on the environment. At present, the 3rd generation latex inks is in the market.

For the 2nd generation HP Latex Inks are for some NESCHEN media    
HP Latex certifications available.



As a certificated development partner of HP, we want to inform you about our latex ink printable Neschen Media. The available ICC profiles are ready for download from our ColorBase! Some media operate only on the HP Latex big size printers, or are not available in the widths needed for the HP Latex 200er/300er series!

For the latest generation of HP Latex printers L3000 and L300er series with new Latex Ink 881 respectively 831C, you will find some ICC profiles and other printer settings on the HP Media Locator! Select the printer and Neschen as media manufacturer, then you see the profiled media and have access to the profiles and printer settings.