NESCHEN wallpaper DV662
Printable wallpaper from the market leader

Designed for

  • suitable for indoor application
  • ideal for individual interior design - such as shopping centre, trade show, museum up to the living room


Product Features

  • approx. 220 g/m² heavy, digital printable non woven wallpaper
  • high-grade inkjet coating, smooth surface
  • printable with solvent based,- latex- and UV-curable inks
  • PVC-free wall covering
  • easy to remove
  • photorealistic print quality, quick drying time
  • good scratch resistance (depends on inks)
  • fire classification according EN 13501-1
    (class C - s1, d0 / hardly flammable)
  • CE marking / EN 15102:2007+A1:2011
  • certified for 2nd & 3rd generation HP Latex inks
  • 3 inch core, printside outside


603709740 m x 75 cmDV 662
603709850 m x 150 cmDV 662



ProNature means environmentally friendly materials


(Eco) Solvent means printable with eco-solvent and solvent inks

Latex Inks

Latex Ink means printable with HP latex inks

UV-curable inks

UV-Curable Ink means printable with UV-curable inks

Fire rating EN 13501

Icon means the declaration of low flammability according EN 13501

Indoor Application

Icon means recommended for Indoor Applications

Photo Quality

Icon means photorealistic print quality

Trade Fairs

Icon means for use at trade fairs and events

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