solvotex PES crystal plus 1

Designed for

  • for indoor applications and outdoor advertising
  • for displays, banners, exhibitions, presentations, theater decoration etc.


Product Features

  • 100 % Polyester
  • approx. 160 g/m² atlas weave
  • satin shiny surface
  • for (Eco) Solvent-, Latex- und UV-curable inks
  • very high colour brilliance, nearly no cracking
  • B1 test certificate according DIN 4102-1
  • M1 test certificate


600636250 m x 310 cm / PI
600636350 m x 505 cm / PI


solvent-based inks

Solvent ink means printable with eco-solvent and solvent inks

Eco Solvent Inks

Eco Solvent means printable with eco-solvent inks

Latex Inks

Latex Ink means printable with HP latex inks

UV-curable inks

UV-Curable Ink means printable with UV-curable inks

Fire rating B1

B1 means the declaration of low flammability according DIN 4102-1

Fire Rating M1

M1 means the declaration of low flammability according NFP 92-France

Indoor Application

Icon means recommended for Indoor Applications

Outdoor Application

Icon means recommended for Outdoor Applications

Display- and Banner Systems

Icon means the suitability for using in display systems

Trade Fairs

Icon means for use at trade fairs and events


Icon means suitable for theatre decorations

XXL Size

XXL Size means material widths of 2,0m up to 5,05m max.

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