easy dot® chalkboard black – For endusers now also available in convenient 2m rolls

easy dot® chalkboard black – For end-users now also available in convenient 2m rolls
NESCHEN, the world’s leading producer of modern self-adhesive products and high-quality coated media now offers customers a new size of the unique Easy Dot® Chalkboard Black. The decorative film can easily be applied, removed and reapplied on any non-porous surface. Traditional Chalk or Liquid Chalk pens can be used for making signs, logos or educational tools. The rolls are now offered in two versions in the size of 68.5cm x 2 meters. One version is shrink-wrapped including assembly instructions. The second version is supplied in an attractive cardboard packaging with a window, including a sponge and chalk.

The 180 µm thick, black and structured PVC film is particularly suitable for use at home, in offices, meeting rooms, schools and nursery schools, public houses, restaurants and hotels. Essentially wherever you need to frequently communicate your message. Thanks to Neschen’s innovative Easy Dot Technology, Chalkboard Black can be repositioned at any time, with ease. The new smaller rolls in 68.5cm x 2 meters are available to order from Authorized Neschen Stockiest.

Why struggle erecting permanent Blackboard Signs, when you can use Neschen Easy Dot Chalkboard Black.


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