Neschen and Filmolux are presenting gudy® products at the photo festival in Zingst – After the PopUp Store is before the PopUp Store

  •  „Vintage Lounge“ directly at the beach
  • New certified mounting solution: gudy® 832 Fine Art

After the success of the first PopUp Store in Krefeld in April Filmolux Deutschland, the Neschen sales organization, the worldwide operating specialist for digital printing, adhesive and protective media, takes the opportunity to open up a second PopUp Store at the photo festival ‘horizonte zingst’. From 28 May to 6 June the Baltic seaside resort Zingst is going to be the central venue for photography experts and enthusiasts for ten days. In previous years, Neschen as premium partner of the festival already provided digital print media and protective laminates for the open-air installations of an impressive size of three by three metres which are set up near the sea bridge directly at the beach. With that the exclusive exhibits are effectively protected against wind, water and sand. The Neschen films offer a strong UV-protection and have an outdoor durability of several years. Due to the lamination the exhibited pictures also get an attractive finish and mechanical protection.

Focussing on Fine Art

Within the photographic market at ‘horizonte zingst’ filmolux will turn a pagoda tent into a ‘Vintage Lounge’: easels with fine art photographs, couches and chairs are creating an exclusive atmosphere directly at the Baltic beach. Additionally, Filmolux presents the newly developed laminator NESCHEN HotLam 1650 TH which laminates photographic prints with NESCHEN photo laminates. “This event is an important forum especially for our gudy® Products,” says Lars Woltermann, head of Corporate Marketing at NESCHEN. “While in Krefeld we presented applications of a wide product range of the Filmolux portfolio, in Zingst we are focussing on Fine Art in order to allow our customers a closer experience.”

gudy® 832 Fine Art the solution for adhesion problems

Due to their surface quality, Fine Art papers are difficult to adhere. However, mounting fine art products to Alu DiBond plates as the most precious form of image presentation is state-of-the-art. The newly developed, certified mounting solution NESCHEN gudy® 832 Fine Art completely solves any adhesion problems. An improved adhesive reserve, the high adhesive coat weight and above all a new adhesive formulation with an appropriate viscosity and yield value equalize the tension between a flexible and rigid surface. Furthermore, the adhesive formulation prevents the adhesive from penetrating the substrate. ‘The successful Photo Activity Test confirms the quality of gudy® 832 Fine Art which is particularly required by museums and galleries for archiving purposes,’ the NESCHEN product manager Ignacio Fernandez explains.

Design concept by MOYSIG

In addition to the product presentations MOYSIG RETAIL DESIGN presents ‘Black Suites’, a tailor-made interior design concept for hotels at the Speakers Corner of the festival on 1 June. The green version ‘Green Suites’ mainly comprises magnificent wildlife photographs which gives the interiors a fresh, natural and sustainable appearance. The Filmolux Deutschland cooperation partner MOYSIG is one of the leading design agencies in the area of concept stores, shop-in-shop systems, showrooms as well as fashion stores and multi-label areas.

Visit us at the Filmolux PopUp Store in Zingst from 2 to 4 June 2016 Zingst.


PR Filmolux is presenting gudy® products at the photo festival in Zingst – After the PopUp Store is before the PopUp Store