May 2022

Neschen combines sustainability and the highest safety standards with a product upgrade of “Neschen wallpaper L-UV smooth FR”

With the product upgrade of “Neschen wallpaper L-UV smooth FR”, Neschen has once again set new standards in combining sustainability and product performance. The versatile wallpaper from the Green Wall product family has now been approved for indoor use under the highest safety standards following its revision.

The product has a basis weight of 170 g/m² and was recently tested according to DIN EN 13501. Thus, the L-UV smooth FR-wallpaper achieves the best possible fire rating class: B-S1,d0. Thanks to this classification, the wallpaper can also be used on ceilings and stairwells.

“We are very pleased that we could achieve the highest fire protection class with this product. This opens up a wide range of new application areas in interior design for this already versatile wallpaper – an absolute added value for our customers,” says Dirk Peereboom, the responsible product manager at Neschen.


Like all members of the Green Wall family, this wallpaper is PVC- and solvent-free. It can be printed with UV-curable and latex inks and, thanks to its smooth surface, creates an elegant look with photo-realistic print quality. Due to its width of 160 centimeters, seams are reduced to a minimum, which significantly increases the design scope. The wallpaper shows no shrinkage, is wash-, and scuff-resistant (depending on the ink used) and can be easily removed from the wall when necessary.

Product properties at a glance

  • digitally printable non-woven wallpaper (170 g/m²) for latex and UV-curable inks
  • fire rating class B-s1, d0 according to EN 13501-1, therefore also suitable for ceilings and staircases
  • PVC and solvent-free
  • easy to remove again
  • smooth surface
  • photo-realistic print quality
  • a minimum of seams thanks to 160 cm width

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