Light display systems are indispensable for modern communication. Our broad range of systems open up new possibilities wherever fast, functional and professional presentation is required (events, shows, sports and sales activities etc…).

Easy handling makes transport and assembly of these lightweights comfortable. With their modern designs and flexible possibilities, they are the ideal carrier for all panel material.

Flexibility is more important than ever for trade shows, displays and presentations. The lightweight systems have, particularly in these areas, dramatically increased the number of users and the application possibilities. Aside from the large trade shows, there is an ever increasing number of local presentations, in-house shows and product introductions. Display systems and Banner-Displays can be found at point of sale, marketing events and sports events, just as well as at presentations and in building foyers.

We offer modern and flexible systems to cover all of your application wishes that are, nevertheless, as individual as your goals. All of our systems are made of high-quality materials, are quick and easy to assemble and disassemble and are easy to transport.

We meet your every display system need with our product mix ranging from Banner-Displays through folding systems right up to counters and brochure stands. An extensive range of accessories including lighting, shelving and transport cases round out our program.

Beach.FLAG Pro

an outstanding eye-catcher


Product features

Beach.FLAG Pro is a superlative advertising medium with impressive features. With a height of 5 metres and 4 m² of advertising space, the Beach.FLAG Pro is an outstanding eye-catcher. Beach.FLAG Pro is the first choice for events with high customer traffic, indoor or outdoor.

Set 1:

  • Rotator
  • Ground Drill
  • Telescopic or Solid rod
  • Transport bag

Set 2:

  • Folding cross with Rotator
  • Telescopic or Solid rod
  • Transport bag


55000 90 x 420 cm Ground Drill + Telescopic rod
55500 90 x 420 cm Support cross + Telescopic rod
6023782 90 x 420 cm Ground Drill + Solid rod
6023783 90 x 420 cm Support cross + Solid rod