Print media

FILMOflex Blockout SC 610 B1

Very good dimensional stability, opacity and tear resistance: this double-sided printable blockout tarpaulin is ideally suited for exhibition stands, banners, signs and roll-up systems. FILMOflex Blockout 610 B1 offers a water-repellent and scratch-resistant PVC surface that is coated on both sides. The product has a good UV resistance.


Designed for

  • medium-term advertising measures indoors and outdoors
  • ideal for banners, trade fairs, presentations, suspensions etc.
  • for welding PVC banners by means of hot or high-frequency welding, please always carry out pre-tests!
  • guaranteed not to contain any substances of very high concern,
    according to current SVHC candidate list / REACH-compliant
  • suitable for (Eco) solvent inks, UV-curable inks and latex inks of the 1st
    and 2nd generation. Latex inks of the 3rd generation are conditionally suitable


Product features

  • 610g/m² heavy PVC tarpaulin, semi-coated
  • 100% polyester base fabric with PVC coating on both sides
  • black barrier layer for increased opacity
  • matt surface
  • flame retardant


6042162 30 m x 110 cm / PO, 77 mm core
6042164 30 m x 137 cm / PO, 77 mm core
6042165 30 m x 160 cm / PO, 77 mm core
6042867 50 m x 250 cm / PI, 77 mm core
6042168 50 m x 320 cm / PI, 77 mm core
6042169 50 m x 500 cm / PI, 77 mm core