Book Care & Repair


The professional Book Laminating


Book-Laminating-Unit for professional use

The Book Lamination Station for professional use and faster lamination of whole series of bound volumes. Besides an integrated scale for measuring the book size, easy gripping in of the laminate and highly effective mounting device
are leading to the fact that the BLS-Professional is a time saving & efficient operating system.


Suitable for all book protection films with paper release liner: filmolux, filmolux 609, filmolux 610, filmolux 900, filmolux 909, filmolux libre fine pearl and filmolux libre.
For rolls up to 41 cm width.


70 cm x 65 cm x 40 cm
(width x length x height)
Weight: 45kg

art. no.

6033951 BLS-Professional
6032178 Replacement blade