ChronoExpo 2


Product features

The ChronoExpo 2 offers a multitude of possibilities at an affordable price. This system is available in a wide range of heights and widths, which can be combined to suit virtually any requirements. Choose either single or double sided variations, or of course the ‘easel’ style display.

It’s more than just a free-standing bannersystem, using the ChronoExpo 2 you can create entire walls. An innovative magnetic connection enables you to join systems together to mount one large graphic.

ChronoExpo 2 is manufactured from hitech, high strength, low weight materials. The carbon-fibre rod is flexed into the plastic coated steel foot, holding the graphic under tension, and giving the structure its elegant stability.

ChronoExpo 2 is suitable for use with all current banner materials, including paper, plastic, pvc and textiles. Graphics are securely fixed into the top and bottom bars with screws, forming a permanent display which makes an impressive statement.

ChronoExpo 2 is available in widths of: 30, 40, 60, 80, 90, 100 and 120 cm. The modular design enables you to alter the height of single-face systems between 160 and 220 cm, and double-face systems between 68 and 228 cm. With additional extension poles heights of 4 metres are possible.

For transportation there are various packaging options:
– low price cardboard tubes, with nylon tote-style carrier for single banners
– robust plastic carrier cases with wheels, which can be interlocked for bulk transportation
– 18 cm diameter nylon carrier suitable for several banners


35806 60 x 211 cm single-sided
35826 60 x 221 cm easel, single-sided
35846 60 x 228 cm double-sided
35808 80 x 221 cm single-sided
35828 80 x 221 cm easel, single-sided
35848 80 x 228 cm double-sided
35809 90 x 221 cm single-sided
35829 90 x 221 cm easel, single-sided
35849 90 x 228 cm double-sided
35800 100 x 221 cm single-sided
35820 100 x 221 cm easel, single-sided
35840 100 x 228 cm double-sided
35802 120 x 221cm single-sided
35822 120 x 221cm easel, single-sided
35842 120 x 228 cm double-sided