Book Care & Repair

filmolux 909

Filmolux ® 909 was designed with high initial tack and is suitable for almost all types of book covers.


With high initial adhesion filmolux 909® can be on almost all book covers. Ideal for use with book laminating stations. This product is REACH compliant and therefore BPA- and APEO-free.

  • 90 µm phthalate-free PVC, clear, glossy
  • High initial tack
  • Silicone backing with grid for easy cutting
  • ISO 22196 certified

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6042764 25m x 22cm
6042767 25m x 24cm
6042768 25m x 26cm
6042769 25m x 28cm
6042770 25m x 30cm
6042771 25m x 32cm
6042772 25m x 34cm
6042773 25m x 36cm
6042774 25m x 41cm
6042775 25m x 50cm
6042776 25m x 62cm

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