Protection Films

filmolux photo matt

Premium Quality


Designed for

    • laminating film for classical photos, inkjet- and digital print medias like paper, polyester, vinyl, etc.


    • suitable for indoor- and outdoor use



Product features


    • improved version of “filmomatt”


    • 70 µm soft PVC


    • smooth, transparent


    • matt, not reflective


    • high tack allows to stick on several with UV-curable inks printed media (up to 2m)


    • servers very fast brilliant results (please ensure sufficient drying times of the inks)


    • high UV-protection, almost completely absorption in the UV-B spectrum


    • Neschen Quality Certificate for 2 years outdoor application without edge protection


    • environmentally friendly waterbased adhesive


    • 3 inch core, film inside



Product Structure




– carrier: 70 µm  soft PVC
– adhesive: waterbased acrylate, permanent
– backing: one side siliconized glassine paper, 62 g/m²



6042036 50m x 65cm
6033599 50m x 104cm
6033600 50m x 130cm
6033601 50m x 140cm
6042807 50m x 160cm