Protection Films

filmolux UV ultra gloss

high gloss laminate with anti-graffiti properties


Designed for

  • laminating film for photos, digital prints, etc.
  • universally applicable for indoor use


Product features

  • 50µm polyester film
  • high glossy, transparent, smooth
  • due to the smooth adhesive, the laminated subjects displays a maximum of brilliance
  • anti-graffitiproperties : various types of paints and permanent marker can be removed with the help of common solvents
  • high adhesion
  • suitable for several with UV-curable inks printed media
  • 3 inch core, film inside

Finished rolls cannot be sliced to narrow widths!


Product Structure

  – carrier: 50 µm polyester
– adhesive: waterbased polyacrylate, permanent
– backing: one-sided siliconised polyester film


6035326 50 m x 104 cm
6035028 50 m x 130 cm