Protection Films

filmolux® UV ultra gloss

self-adhesive ►glossy ►anti-graffiti ►highest visual quality ►protects against dirt and damage


The self-adhesive, highly transparent and PVC-free protective film filmolux® UV ultra gloss from increases the service life of film- or paper-based digital print media as well as photographs. The high-gloss surface provides a unique finish and makes printing inks appear even more brilliant and luminous. The thin backing material and very smooth adhesive surface deliver the highest optical quality and support high color quality and deep blacks. filmolux® UV ultra gloss protects against mechanical damage, UV radiation, moisture, abrasion and other harmful external influences. filmolux® UV ultra gloss is washable and resistant to a wide range of cleaning agents and solvents. filmolux® UV ultra gloss has an environmentally friendly, water-based adhesive and is suitable for indoor applications.


  • PVC-free, self-adhesive protective film
  • Highly transparent with high gloss surface
  • Anti-graffiti properties
  • For high color quality and deep black
  • Water based adhesive
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Protects against UV light and fading
  • High chemical resistance


6035326 50 m x 104 cm
6035028 50 m x 130 cm