Protection Films

FILMOprotect SolClear gloss

Discover the new protective and finishing film with highly effective UV protection and transparent acrylic adhesive. FILMOprotect SolClear can be used universally indoors and outdoors. The product immediately increases the resistance to UV rays and protects against environmental influences. Discover FILMOprotect SolClear matt.


Designed for

  • Protective film for classical photos, inkjet- and digital print media like paper, polyester, vinyl, etc
  • Universally applicable for indoor- and outdoor use
  • High-quality laminating film

Product Features

  • One-sided self-adhesive, cadmium-free, glossy, crystal clear, colourless, monomer PVC-film
  • Ultra-clear, permanent solvent-acrylate adhesive
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Protects with immediate effect against UV radiation (high) and abrasion
  • Serves very fast brilliant results (please ensure sufficient drying times of the inks)

6040562 50 m x 105,0 cm whilst stocks last
6040565 50 m x 152,4 cm whilst stocks last
6041194 50 m x 160,0 cm whilst stocks last