Mounting Films

gudy 8020

double sided adhesive film in a width of 2m


Designed for

    • mounting high-end photographic, digital prints, electrostatic and screen-printed images to a variety of substrates like Dibond, Fome-Cor®, Gatorfoam®, Crescent® board, Masonite®, Sintra®, Kapa, Forex, Dispa, Smart-X, etc. and on smooth PVC-surfaces, polystyrene, polycarbonate, chipboard laminated aluminum, etc.

Product Features

    • 12 µm polyester carrier
    • transparent
    • dimensionally stable
    • high adhesive strength
    • also available as version with two backings (gudy 8020 twin)
    • for indoor and outdoor applications
    • high temperature resistance
    • environmentally friendly waterbased adhesive

Product Structure

– Backing: double-sided siliconised special paper
– Adhesive: water based polyacrylate, permanent
– Carrier: 12 µm polyester film, transparent
– Adhesive: water based polyacrylate, permanent


6026427 50 m x 200 cm / 77mm core

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