Print media

Neschen event fleece L-UV adh

This cost-efficient wall covering is extremely easy to remove from most flat surfaces. This makes the new product a great choice for short-term promotions. The non-plastic looking surface creates outstanding colors with photorealistic print quality. The new event fleece has been designed as a replacement for solvoprint® event fleece adh. This version is much thinner, providing better feeding properties with demanding printers. In comparison to its predecessor, the new event fleece is much more cost-efficient, offering a perfect printability with latex- and UV-curable inks. In line with Neschen’s continuous effort to expand the sustainable product portfolio, Neschen event fleece L-UV adh is PVC-free. The water-based adhesive contributes to making this product an environmentally responsible choice.


Typischer Einsatzbereich

  • durable, printable wall graphics media for creative wall designs
  • suitable for indoor use only
  • ideal for short-term applications e.g. in trade fair construction, at events and in stores
  • can be applied to flat and slightly curved surfaces
  • the durability or scratch resistance can be further increased by suitable lacquering


Product features

  • approx. 150 g/m² heavy, digitally printable fleece
  • PVC-free, environmentally friendly fleece
  • Inkjet printable wall graphics media with smooth surface
  • white with opaque appearance
  • after printing with latex and most UV-curable inks the surface remains matt
  • coated with a semi-permanent, water-based, age-resistant and permanently elastic acrylic adhesive
  • suitable for UV-curable and latex inks
  • fire rating EN 13501-1 (class C – s1, d0)

6042426 50 m x 160 cm / PO, 77 mm Kern