Book Care & Repair

filmolux libre fine pearl

Environmentally-friendly fine pearl embossed PP book protection film.


With high initial adhesion filmolux® libre fine pearl can be used on almost all book covers. The embossing gives a noble appearance to books, folders, menus, etc., filmolux® libre fine pearl  is suitable for working with the BLS-Classic and BLS-Professional.

  • 80 µm environmentally friendly fine pearl embossed PP film, transparent
  • high initial adhesion
  • silicone paper backing with grid for easy cutting


To find out how to clean or disinfect PP- films, click here


6041322 25m x 22cm
6041323 25m x 24cm
6041324 25m x 26cm
6041325 25m x 28cm
6041326 25m x 30cm
6041333 25m x 32cm
6041334 25m x 34cm
6041335 25m x 36cm
6041336 25m x 41cm