Mounting Films

gudy 802 twin

Gudy 802 twin - an excellent choice for high-quality applications. The double-sided adhesive film is perfect for particularly delicate and thin PE or Baryte papers for black and white or colour prints. This all-rounder can be used for the production of high-quality cold laminations of digital or analogue prints on boards such as aluminium, foam board, Forex, polycarbonate and polystyrene. Gudy 802 twin is also ideally suited for creating self-adhesive boards. The powerful adhesive strength guarantees a long-term and reliable bond. The two-sided covering with silicone paper creates a particularly smooth adhesive surface, ensuring a high-quality look of your prints. The highly smooth polyester film retains the character of photographic paper. Gudy 802 twin is easy to work with – either with laminators or when working with smaller formats by hand.


Designed for

    • suitable as mounting film for high-end photos
    • two backings, thus resulting extremly smooth and homogeneously adhesive layer

Product Features

    • 23 µm polyester carrier
    • transparent, cadmium-free
    • dimensionally stable, flexible, ageing-resistant
    • high temperature resistance
    • strong adhesion
    • two backings
    • for indoor and outdoor applications
    • environmentally friendly waterbased acrylate adhesive

Product Structure

– Backing: one-sided siliconised special paper
– Adhesive: water based polyacrylate, permanent
– Carrier: 23 µm PET film, transparent
– Adhesive: water based polyacrylate, permanent
– Backing: one-sided siliconised special paper


6034788 50 m x 104 cm / 77mm core
6034789 50 m x 130 cm / 77mm core
6034790 50 m x 140 cm / 77mm core
6042824 50 m x 160 cm / 77mm core

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