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gudy dot

Discover an innovative, carrierless mounting film with a dot-shaped adhesive.  The easy dot® transfer technology is ideal for mounting digital or analogue prints on various rigid boards such as aluminium, foam board, Forex or Kapa. Clever: Thanks to the transfer technology, the print can be removed at any time after mounting. The adhesive can be removed absoultely residue-free, simply by rubbing away the adhesive dots with your finger. Apart from the professional mounting of prints this multi-talent is suitable for many other applications for example to mount photos in albums, at walls or to the refrigerator; for fixating fabrics, which are to be sewn afterwards; for arts and crafts, e.g. in schools. Gudy dot is particularly flexible and easy to work with.


Designed for

    • Mounting of digital or analogue prints on boards such as aluminium, foam board, Forex, Kapa and many more (easily removable after mounting)
    • Mounting photos (in albums, on walls and much more)
    • Fixating materials, for example fabrics, which are to be sewn afterwards
    • an all-purpose adhesive solution for a large variety of applications

Product Features

    • Carrier free easy dot®-transfer adhesive technology based on continuous small transparent adhesive dots on a siliconized kraft paper release liner.
    • pH neutral permanent adhesive compatible with the most major brands mount board and sensitive paper substrates. One paper backing, the adhesive dots on the other side are exposed and self-wound onto the roll.
    • removable without leaving any residue, simply by rubbing over the dot-shaped adhesive
    • The “dot-shaped” adhesive coating allows “bubble free” mounting and makes the material easy to handle
    • Photograpic Activity Test (PAT) ISO 18916 certified by the Image Permanace Institut, Rochester Institute of Technology – the safest choice for mounting photographs, originals and graphics arts.
    • pH-neutral
    • dimensionally stable and ageing-resistant

Product Structure

  Backing: double sided siliconized glassine paper
Adhesive: waterbased Polyacrylate, permanent


6035157 50 m x 2,5 cm / 77mm core 10 Rolls
6035158 50 m x 104 cm / 77mm core
6035159 50 m x 130 cm / 77mm core
6035160 50 m x 140 cm / 77mm core
6042833 50 m x 160 cm / 77mm core

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