Pole System

Promote your message above the rest!


Product features

Our latest product is the convenient Pole System, which you can use to raise your message to the ideal height. This is especially practical when you want to display products under the message.

The Pole System is suited for graphic panels of varying lengths and widths. You can also adjust the height of the system between 100 cm and 250 cm to fit the place and occasion – even with a mounted panel. It can also be used single-sided or double-sided.

An attractive, lightweight, convenient lowvoltage spotlight, which is transported in a practical nylon bag, is available for the Pole System.


6023697 55 cm single-sided, bag included
6023761 55 cm double-sided, bag included
6025658 55 cm single-sided
6025904 55 cm double-sided
6023698 70 cm single-sided, bag included
6023762 70 cm double-sided, bag included
6025659 70 cm single-sided
6025905 70 cm double-sided
6023699 85 cm single-sided, bag included
6023763 85 cm double-sided, bag included
6024348 85 cm single-sided
6025906 85 cm double-sided
6023700 100 cm single-sided, bag included
6023764 100 cm double-sided, bag included
6025660 100 cm single-sided
6025907 100 cm double-sided