Roll Up Classic


Product features

Roll Up Classic – for years now the classical banner system favourite. Quick set-up and dismantling in seconds and easy handling have made it the No.1 system.

The Roll Up Classic spring roller mechanism is extremely hard-wearing and won’t let you down even after frequent use at trade fairs. Thus your graphic is constantly protected on the system’s springs. Changing the graphic is easy and extremely costeffective.

Roll Up Classic has been formally awarded and received a prize for its function and design! Roll Up Classic comes in many different widths and the purpose is to use it frequently and the function is designed for different kinds of environments.

Roll Up Classic allows all materials to be used: The aluminium slide-in profile firmly secures all panels, even cloth banners, which ensure absolute flatness of your printed panel.

All system parts are carefully processed and specially designed for continuous use at trade fairs, exhibitions and presentations. They are also subject to the “Expolinc lifetime guarantee” that takes care of all your worries should a replacement be necessary.

With the new Colour Kit Classic you will be able to strengthen the message and increase the attention. By matching the sides and the front of the Roll Up Classic with the colour of the company logo or the message, you will create more attention. The interest will rise and the effect will increase.

Colour Kit Classic is easily attached and it can be removed to change to another colour. It contains two end caps and one front list.


6029777 70 x 195 cm silber
6029778 85 x 215 cm silber
6029782 85 x 215 cm black
6029779 100 x 215 cm silber
6029783 100 x 215 cm black
6029780 115 x 215 cm silber
6029781 145 x 215 cm silber