Roll Up Compact

Compact with adjustable image height!


Product features

Roll Up Compact is a compact and simple to use Roll Up. The rounded corners and sides makes it easy to handle. The adjustable telescopic supporting rod gives not only the possibility to adjust the image height, but also an advantage when it comes to putting the system in place. It’s easy to mount the image without having to gain access inside the system.

Roll Up Compact is available in width 85 cm and 100 ccm. The visible height of the panel is adjustable between  160 cm and 223 cm.


Standard package

The Roll Up Compact package includes cassette, telescopic supporting rod, panel profile, internal roller including plastic strip and bag.



  Roll Up Compact 85 Roll Up Compact 100
Packed size 10 x 10 x 88 cm 10 x 10 x 103 cm
Depth 32,2 cm (with extended feet)
Cassette width 87 cm 102 cm
Weight 3,4 kg 3,7 kg
Visible panel height 160 – 223 cm (adjustable)
Panel production length 242 cm 242 cm


6032286 85 x 160-223 cm
6032287 100 x 160-223 cm