Roll Up Professional

Single and Double sided with easy change graphics!


Product features

Roll Up Professional, the new member of the Expolinc banner family, is based on the proven properties of the Roll Up Classic System.

Roll Up Professional opens up a whole new era in banner display systems: The highquality, double-coated finish in stylish silver, together with its attractive design, displays your message to the best possible effect.

Technical details, such as self-centring poles, the “click and open” system and adjustable bases under the system set absolutely new standards in presentation technology. The lifetime guarantee goes without saying.

The double-sided version of the Roll Up Professional System is an added attraction: Two graphics in each system lend weight to your message. After all, two is always better than one!


6029784 85 x 215 cm single sided
6029785 85 x 215 cm double sided