solvoprint PVC backlit premium


Designed for

  • especially for billboards, light boxes, displays, banners, exhibitions, etc. suitable
  • especially for backlit applications
  • for indoor- and outdoor advertising suitable


Product Features

  • approx. 550 g/m² backlit flexface
  • on both sides PVC coated polyester fabric
  • very smooth surface
  • special PVC coating for solvent-based- Latex- and UV-curable inks
  • fungus-resistance treated
  • UV-resistant, very high colour brilliance
  • high tearing strength, shine-through well-balanced
  • B1 test certificate according DIN 4102-1
  • suitable for lacquering with Neschen filmocoat lacquer
  • For larger projects where the consistency of the light transmission is critical, only material from the same production batch should be used for design and manufacture!


6009128 50 m x 320 cm / PI, 77 mm core As long as stock lasts!