NESCHEN media fulfill high-quality standards. The perfect printing result, however, is a combination of professional expertise, material and the perfect profiling of the printing press. Our ICC-database provides hundreds of ICC profiles which helps you to achieve better printing results for your customers.

The Neschen Color Concept – if the right ICC profile is not available:
Please appreciate that we unfortunately cannot define a profile for all printers – inks and RIP combinations with our media.

We can offer you the Neschen Color Concept (NCC) for customized ICC profiles.

Alternative 1:
You appoint our contractor to define the ICC profile on site for your printers – inks – RIP and media combinations.
The advantage: You receive a system perfectly customized to our Neschen media and your production environment.

Alternative 2:
Our contractor creates the ICC profile for your printers – inks – RIP and Neschen media combinations for his own production environment. The profile created is then supplied to you to download in the Color Base.
However, this alternative is only possible if our contractor has the production environment you require.

Our contractor will bill you directly for the costs of both alternatives incurred. The originated costs can be offset against subsequent orders. Please contact your customer service representative for further details. Because of the travelling costs etc. costs for the first alternative are of course higher. Use the Neschen Color Concept to ensure the quality of your work.

For the 2nd and 3rd generation of HP Latex printers/inks, you will find some ICC profiles and printer settings at the HP Media Locator! Select your printer and NESCHEN as media manufacturer to see the profiled media and have access to the profiles and printer settings.

ICC Profiles – Color Base

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ICC Profiles – HP Media Locator
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