Print Shield Pro Gloss Antigraffiti


Designed for

High quality gloss solvent pressure sensitive laminate, specifically designed for outdoor use. This film provides excellent protection against UV exposure and is suitable for protecting your image against graffiti and vandalism. This tough laminate is perfect for resisting the cleaners and chemicals required for removing the toughest stains that are created by spray paints or marker pens, making it the ideal indoor and outdoor solution.


Adhesive Solvent Acrylic
Laminate/carrier OPP
Release Liner Silicone Coated PE Kraft
Thickness 40 micron
UV Protection yes
Recommended Temp. 15 °C to 40 °C
Durability 2 years
Suitable Applications Rigid Indoor Displays,
Rigid Outdoor Displays




10794 1040 mm x 50 m
13107 1040 mm x 100 m
10068 1295 mm x 50 m
13435 1295 mm x 100 m
64174 1540 mm x 50 m