What’s the point of using a dot-shaped adhesive?
It’s simple, installation is so quick and easy, almost anyone can do it.

Air bubbles are completed eliminated, as air naturally escapes through the channels created by the dot adhesive. Any trapped air is simply pushed out. This way a high-quality installation can be achieved quickly  without water or special tools, even by a laymen. Saving time and money.

easy dot® is the perfect solution for short-term campaigns on windows, walls, and floors. Point of sale, events, trade shows, mass transit etc.

Product structure

Dots are the essential part of our easy dot products. They show their full performance when combined with printable film and release liner. We have developed product designs with structures for almost every conceivable application. The typical structure is as follows:

  • The dots are evenly distributed, creating air channels through which air can escape – for bubble-free application.
  • The special PET, PP or PVC film ensures high-quality printing results and the best possible fire rating.
  • The stable release liner offers premium lay flatness during printing or plotting.

The creator of dot adhesive technology

Trust in the experience of a pioneer with many years of experience in the production of premium print media.
Choose the original easy dot® and experience the highest quality – made in Germany by NESCHEN:

  • Precisely formulated dot pattern with consistent and even distribution
  • The size, positioning and spacing of the dots maximizes bubble free installation, adhesive performance and reduced visibility of the dots
  • The original easy dot® has a double side, PE coated liner, which delivers best in class lay flatness properties
  • Perfect printing and plotting results
  • Solvent-free adhesive
  • Residue-free removal
  • easy dot® quality films put an end to printing problems with latex inks (occurring with many other PVC films)
  • Largest range of PVC-free dot products to help you reduce your impact on the environment


Choose the original easy dot® for your application:


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