NESCHEN –What moves us


We focus on a customer-oriented approach. We constantly strive to create added value for our customers for both manufacturing our products and sales. What does the market need? What can we do better, faster and more efficient that will benefit our customers? The complete NESCHEN staff is dealing with these issues. Customer orientation is our highest priority.

Within this guiding principle our actions are founded on the following five key principles:

  1. Manufacturing all products to the highest quality standard measures with continuous monitoring of the process
  1. All markets are supplied exclusively with high-quality products within the framework of our ‘one-stop shopping‘ philosophy.
  1. Rapid availability of the products via our own trading company FILMOLUX of local dealers all over the world.
  2. Marketing of harmonised product systems for the customer’s relevant areas of application.
  3. Constant development and marketing of new products



Within the guiding principle the following mission statement applies to the business units GRAPHICS (graphic media and laminators), DOCUMENTS (book protection and repair) and INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS (industrial coating):

GRAPHICS: We produce and sell according to the daily needs of the graphics industry and the photographic sector. Already today we develop materials for tomorrow’s trends in advertising, point of sale and photography.

DOCUMENTS: We do not only protect and repair books. We want to preserve knowledge and make it available to future generations.

INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: We develop tailor-made coating solutions for all industries. We see ourselves as a sparring partner of our costumers’ development departments and we are always well aware of our responsibility as part of the production chain of our partners and act accordingly.



NESCHEN Coating GmbH is fully aware of its responsibility for the conservation of a vital environment for future generations.

For this reason NESCHEN has committed itself in its business activity to follow an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

As a further processing company we are able to effectively implement this principle at various stages.

 Paper as a raw material

A great number of self-adhesive products require a cover which remains on the product until actual use. Only then it is removed and disposed of. For this, NESCHEN uses in more than 90% of all cases a paper cover which is coated with a layer that repels the adhesive. This paper is bought exclusively from suppliers with verified FSC-, PEFC- or SFI- certifications.

 Use of chemicals

In Europe the REACH Regulation for ensuring the protection of human health and the environment must be applied at the processing and marketing of chemicals and preparations.

We take particular care in choosing raw materials and we use only chemicals which are not subject to labelling. This ensures that all manufactured products are harmless when used. Safety and environment standards of our suppliers must fulfill or exceed the standard regulations. Furthermore, even many years before the discussion about alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO) started, we used adhesive raw materials with harmless emulsifiers.

 Sustainable products for book repair

DOCUMENTS is an important business unit of NESCHEN. In this area we offer products which have been used in archives for decades and which may not have any negative effects on the repaired pages or archive documents. These products are sustainable over their entire life-cycle.

Many of our products are also PAT tested. The Photographic Activitiy Test (PAT) according to ISO 18916 is carried out by the Image Permanence Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology. Thus, the materials meet the highest conservation requirements and are authorized for archiving purposes.