Green graphics

Always one step ahead

As an international company, what contribution can we make to reduce impact on the environment? This is a question that we have been addressing for some time and why we know that there is no simple answer. Instead, it is an evolution of constantly optimizing production- and business processes, which actively contribute to protecting our environment. While keeping an eye on the bigger picture: Every step in this direction, however small it may be in the beginning, contributes to preserving our planet for future generations.

Sustainability – more than just a trend

At NESCHEN, we take great care to eliminate materials and practices harmful to the environment from our business activities. For each business area, from graphics media to industrial coatings, NESCHEN has set strict standards for environmentally responsible production. We are convinced that quality and eco-friendliness are compatible. This idea has taken us on a journey to find cleaner solutions that treat our planet more respectfully. Of course, this quest is not an easy one when it comes to self-adhesive films.

That is what makes us green:


… our production


… our materials


… our products

  • PVC-free materials


  • REACH-conformity und BPA-free products


  • Responsible adhesive formulations


  • Paper release-liner

Discover our green side!

For each of our Graphics products we have developed a green alternative. In our new SWATCHBOOK and PRODUCT OVERVIEW you can quickly find the right green alternative for your next project.

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