One of the strengths of the Neschen Coating GmbH is the pattern coating of adhesives, liquors or functional inkjet coatings. The pattern coating treats not as usual the entire surface, but forms structured coatings in any format. By using this special type of coating labels, adhesive tapes and films, users can reduce their costs and saving and conserving resources.

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Examples for Pattern Coatings:

■ Coatings: Water-based dispersion adhesives (permanent and reversible), clear, pigmented, functional coatings made fromaqueous solutions (e.g. also heat-activated).
Contract work for completesurface applications or for specific zones as defined by the customer e.g. circles or other geometric shapes, lettering or logos
■ Coat weights: from under 5 g/m² to over 80 g/m²
■ Materials: PE, PP, PU, PVC, Paper, PET, Textiles/fabrics, Fleece
■ Thickness: 10 – 500 μm
■ Widths: up to 2000 mm
■ Manufactures:narrow reels and short reels,delivery of master reels on 3” and 6” cores
■ Covering: single-colour print backing paper,release behaviour geared to the adhesive system
■ Backing: one-coloured back-side printed (optional) on paper, with optimized release values on the silicon face side