April 2024

Neschen Inc. announces strategic partnership with Dorado Graphix LLC, and participation at International Sign Expo 2024

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Neschen Inc., the subsidiary of the German Neschen Coating GmbH, a leading provider of modern self-adhesive media and coating solutions for various applications, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Dorado Graphix LLC, a renowned player in the digital printing and finishing sector.

Dorado Graphix, Jacksonville Florida, US

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies as they join forces to deliver enhanced solutions and services to their customers.

Through this partnership, Neschen and Dorado Graphix LLC will leverage their respective strengths in technology, distribution, and customer support to provide comprehensive solutions for the graphic arts market. By combining Neschen’s cutting-edge laminating technology with Dorado Graphix’s expertise in digital printing and finishing, the partnership aims to deliver unparalleled value and innovation to customers in the US.


“We are excited to partner with Dorado Graphix LLC to expand our reach and better serve the needs of our customers,” said Darren Speizer, MD of Neschen Inc. “This collaboration allows us to offer a broader range of solutions and expertise, ultimately empowering our customers to achieve their business objectives more effectively.”


Neschen and Dorado Graphix show their combined strength at the upcoming ISA in Orlando, FL

In addition to announcing the partnership, Neschen is pleased to announce its participation with Dorado Graphix at the upcoming International Sign Expo (ISA), scheduled to take place from 10-12 April in Orlando, FL. At the event, Neschen will showcase its flagship Neschen Laminators, demonstrating its advanced features and capabilities to attendees.


High-quality solutions for innovative digital printing and finishing

Alex Jordan; Vice President of Dorado Graphix states:

“Dorado Graphix is excited to be able to offer our customers the full line of Neschen lamination equipment as well as the high-quality media and films. The Neschen and Dorado Graphix partnership will not only offer the great Neschen product line, but also a solid value proposition as well as the excellent support our customers have come to expect. Neschen equipment and medias will be available for demo in the brand-new Dorado Graphix showroom, coming on-line in 2024.”

Visit the stand of Dorado Graphix at booth 257 at the ISA to learn more about their partnership with Neschen Inc and experience the latest innovations in digital printing and finishing technology. Dorado Graphix will be demonstrating a Neschen laminator in practice.


About Neschen:
Neschen Coating is a leading international company for modern self-adhesive media and coating solutions for various applications: ranging from book protection and repair films, to graphics media and industrial coatings. Neschen has a worldwide network of sales representatives. Neschen Inc. serves the North American market. For more information, visit www.neschen.com.


About Dorado Graphix LLC:

Dorado Graphix LLC is a leading provider of digital printing and finishing solutions. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Dorado Graphix LLC delivers high-quality products and services to a diverse range of industries worldwide. For more information, visit https://www.doradographix.com