Are you looking for a flexible and innovative partner for tailor-made product developments and any kind of job-shop coating? Then Neschen Coating GmbH is just right for you! Here, the customer is always the centre of our attraction. We offer a wide range of different coating technologies up to a width of 2100 mm for the collective implementation of your ideas. We can deliver small batch size solutions for you. Our tremendous flexibility enables you to easily implement your ideas. Your growth is our goal!

Contact our competent team and together we will find a solution for your specific needs in the areas of job-shop coating or product development.

Neschen Coating GmbH maintains its own quality management department (QM) at the company’s headquarters in Bueckeburg. This department is responsible for the development and control of high-quality work processes. Neschen Coating GmbH is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. The certification has been renewed in 2017 and remains valid until 2018.

Location Bückeburg
 Widths of material (from/to)  1275 – 2070 mm
 Coating  Aqueous dispersion
Global Brands of the Graphics Industry
 filmolux / filmomatt x
 gudy x
 solvoprint / solvotex x
 printlux / printex x
Global Brands in the field of Book Care and Book Repair
 filmolux / filmomatt x
 gudy x
Typical Products
 lacquered films x x
 primer treated films x x
 heat activated PU films x x
 window film
 strip / zone coating x
 dot coating x
 incise drapes x
 anti-microbacterial incise drapes x
 incise drapes with stabilisation x
 paper labels x x
 plastic labels x x
 siliconised paper x
 re-sealable covering films x
Brand Discription
 filmolux  Self-adhesive protection films
 gudy  Double-sided self-adhesive mounting films
 printlux  Inkjet printable media (waterbased inks)
 printex  Inkjet printable textiles (waterbased inks)
 solvoprint  Inkjet printable media(eco-solvent, solvent, UV-curable inks)
 solvotex  Inkjet printable media (eco-solvent, solvent, UV curable inks)