October 2021

easy dot® goes green

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New PVC-free polyester printing film enables clean advertising solutions

The Neschen classic easy dot® is now available “in green” – so that innovative advertising messages have less impact on the environment. With its proven easy dot® adhesive technology, Neschen has developed a printing film for a wide range of applications that is enjoying great popularity thanks to its world-renowned ease of use combined with durability. Since Neschen’s mission is not only to develop innovative print media but also to continually optimize them in the interests of the environment, the manufacturer has now also found a way to transfer the outstanding properties of the proven easy dot® film to a PVC-free material. “Thanks to its higher stiffness, the easy dot® PET matt L-UV film also enables a forty percent material saving, which means that waste volumes can be significantly reduced. It is coated with a solvent-free, water-based adhesive. This means customers can reduce their carbon footprint with just a small change to their own work routine,” says Dirk Peereboom, responsible product manager at Neschen.


Application properties of easy dot® PET matt L-UV

In terms of application and durability, the new single-sided self-adhesive polyester film combines all the advantages of the proven easy dot® technology: Designed for indoor use on flat surfaces such as metal, glass or exhibition panels – for example, as part of trade shows or sales promotions – it impresses above all with its uncomplicated handling: The film can be applied easily and without bubbles or, if necessary, removed quickly and without leaving any residue. At the same time, the spot-applied acrylate adhesive is resistant to aging, which makes easy dot® PET matt L-UV remarkably durable. It also exhibits virtually no shrinkage during processing, is dimensionally stable, has a particularly homogeneous, matte surface, and delivers photorealistic printing results with UV-curable and latex inks. Printed with UV inks, easy dot® PET matt L-UV is particularly scratch-resistant.


The new member of the easy dot® family has fire protection certification (B-s1-d0) under EN 13501 and is available immediately.


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