Wanted: Strong partners with strong products!

As an independent trading company of Neschen Coating GmbH, the FILMOLUX Group sells the entire NESCHEN product portfolio and selected merchandise in the national companies Filmolux Benelux, Filmolux Germany, Filmolux France, Filmolux Italy and Filmolux Switzerland. In addition to the products of Neschen Coating GmbH which have been established on the market and are constantly being newly developed, the range of high-quality merchandise is continuously being expanded. For our FILMOLUX customers we are therefore constantly looking for strong and reliable partners with products that are qualitatively suitable for the existing portfolio which differ from the masses and bring our customers real added value. In addition to well-known brands, the FILMOLUX Group is also happy to support new and innovative companies and products in establishing themselves in the market and growing rapidly.

The core focus of our sourcing is on products in the fields of advertising technology, digital printing and interior design as well as book protection and book repair. This includes digitally printable media such as films, display media, PVC banners and textiles, as well as protection and repair films and tapes.

Our partners are carefully selected by us. Trust and reliability are our top business principles – this applies not only to our purchasing department.

The central and worldwide contact for suppliers of merchandise for the Filmolux Group is FILMOLUX Portfolio Management based in Bückeburg.