August 2023

Floor minders | Shop navigation, social distancing reminder or advertisement

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Floor stickers are real eye-catchers. Most people look down slightly when they walk, and a floor sticker is, therefore, a great advertising medium. For store owners or exhibitors, the floor is a perfect stage for conveying a message. But floor graphics films are not only ideal as advertising media. They are also an excellent and cost-effective orientation aid in public areas.

Navigating customers through supermarkets, pharmacies, and drugstores has become extremely important in times of “social distancing”

Besides advertisements, floor stickers have become a favored medium for another reason: they are used to navigating people through public locations in times of “social distancing”.

Currently, many supermarkets across Europe use floor graphics to remind people to keep their distance amid the ongoing ccoronavirus situation. But not just in supermarkets; in any place where customers have to line up to wait their turn, floor minders are a great way to remind them of the distance they should keep. But not only in challenging times like these, floor minders are, in general, an excellent medium to provide assistance to customers in many locations. At pharmacies, banks, and any place where private matters are handled, keeping the distance is polite but often forgotten. Floor minders are a great way to kindly remind customers to be discrete.

In shopping malls or during trade shows, they can help shoppers and visitors find restrooms, the food court, or exits more easily. So besides just advertising – anywhere where people need to find their way, floor graphics are a cost-efficient tool.


Things to keep in mind when using floor graphics

Slip resistance

Certified slip resistance is paramount in public spaces. There are strict guidelines regarding slip resistance, and products that have been certified by an official agency should be used in all cases. Some films require extra lamination to achieve the mandatory slip resistance for public spaces. R-9 is the lowest anti-slip certification, but suffices in many areas. It is used, for example, in areas where people come from outside, such as shops, restaurants, and entrance halls. R13 is the highest class of slip resistance and is mandatory for greasy, wet areas.

Tip: Using a floor minder that has certified slip resistance without needing extra lamination saves time and money (product tip: Neschen print’n’walk products).


Most floor stickers consist of two layers: a self-adhesive film on which the message is printed and a non-slip laminating film, which protects the sticker and provides slip resistance. The production of such a sticker is quite time-consuming and labor-intensive. After printing, the ink has to dry, the laminating machine has to be adjusted, and the laminating itself also takes a lot of time. In addition, if the quality of the floor stickers is low, there is a risk of shrinkage between lamination film and sticker. Additionally, loosening of both layers can occur. Neschen’s print’n’walk films are a great choice. These films have an R9-certified surface, even after printing with latex and UV-curable inks, so extra lamination is no longer necessary. The films are ideal for short-term applications.


The right adhesion

On slightly structured and challenging surfaces, such as concrete, wood, or tiles, you need high-tack films with strong adhesion. Otherwise, your floor graphics will be ruined quickly. High-tack films (product tip: Neschen UV print’n’walk power-tack) provide strong adhesive strength. They adhere excellently to uneven surfaces without curling or loosening at the corners. The UV print’n’walk power-tack films are not only suitable for indoor use, but under dry conditions, you can also use them outside.