Protection Films

filmolux® easy clear sand

self-adhesive ►embossed ►for digital prints ►scratch-resistant ►slip resistance R9 ►protects against dirt and damage


The self-adhesive, embossed and monomeric protective film filmolux® easy clear sand increases the service life of film- and paper-based digital print media and photographs. The embossed surface provides a high-quality finish. It is particularly suitable for floor advertising due to R9-certified slip resistance. filmolux® easy clear sand protects against mechanical damage, UV radiation, moisture, abrasion and other harmful external influences. The embossed film has an environmentally friendly, water-based adhesive and can be used indoors or outdoors.
Fire protection is certified B1 according to DIN 4102 and M1 according to NF P92-5XX. Slip resistance is certified to R9 according to DIN 51130.


  • Fine sand embossed surface
  • Scratch resistant protective film
  • Slip resistance value R9
  • For digital prints and photographs
  • Strong, water-based adhesive


6024270 50 m x 91,4 cm
6017733 50 m x 104 cm
6024271 50 m x 130 cm
6040577 50 m x 136 cm
6017737 50 m x 140 cm
6042816 50 m x 160 cm