April 2024

Blackboard Art meets easy dot®- artful signs

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From traditional craft to trend

Cheryl McLean at one of her workshops

Cheryl McLean’s journey into the world of art and lettering began in her childhood, where she watched her grandfather create copperplate lettering with pen and ink. This early fascination with ornate patterns sparked a lifelong love of beautiful lettering. Cheryl took a formal sign painting course and then started her own business. The defining moment came when she was asked to create two large illustrated panels. With this project, she inadvertently created a niche for herself in what became known as “blackboard art”.

Finished Blackboard

A niche becomes a worldwide success

Each project became a vibrant work of art, adorned with bright illustrations and colorful lettering that set them apart from digital print competitors. Cheryl’s hand-painted panels garnered praise and demand, with clients returning again and again to commission more, attributing their business success to her professional work. Cheryl’s dedication to her craft has earned her a loyal clientele throughout Sydney, where she works closely with clients. Alongside commercial work, Cheryl finds joy in taking on private commissions including murals, engagements and weddings, enriching people’s lives with her creativity and skill. In addition to her thriving business, Cheryl dedicates time to teaching workshops around the world, where she shares her passion for hand-painted signage and passes on the knowledge and skills she has gained in her twenty-five years in the industry.
One issue that arises for artists like Cheryl McLean is the challenge of shipping their artwork to clients around the world without it being damaged. Previously, artworks had to be collected in person or elaborately packaged to ensure they arrived safely at their destination. Not only can this be very time-consuming, but it can also incur additional costs and logistical complications. Therefore, there is a need for a solution that allows artists to send their work easily and safely without being tied to one location

A solution for a global presence
At an exhibition, Cheryl discovered easy dot® Chalkboard adhesive film, which turned out to be the perfect complement to her work. Its unique ability to be easily rolled up and shipped without damaging anything allows Cheryl to send her artwork to clients all over the world. The easy dot® film also makes it easier to install, as it can be applied with little effort and no air bubbles. This discovery has not only improved Cheryl’s work processes but has also increased customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality and long-lasting results. Thanks to easy dot®, Cheryl can make her designs in Australia and then easily ship them without having to be on-site. This flexibility allows her to offer her artwork internationally and reach customers worldwide without being bound by geographical restrictions. The ease of use not only facilitates shipping, but also on-site installation, which is a convenient solution for both Cheryl and her customers.
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Cheryl McLean with two of her biggest artworks

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for the cooperation go out to Cheryl McLean and Sabine Giger.

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