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easy dot® Chalkboard black

Self-adhesive blackboard film ►School blackboard to stick up anywhere►For blackboard chalk & liquid chalk ► Customizable printing


easy dot® Chalkboard black is a printable, self-adhesive black film with a slightly textured surface. You can write on the surface with standard chalk or pigment markers. The blackboard film can also be printed with various inks. White ink gives the best printing results and is the base layer for colored printing on this black film. easy dot® Chalkboard black uses proven easy dot® technology. This makes it very easy to apply, and it can be detached again as required. The adhesive school blackboard is ideal for smooth substrates in indoor areas. However, it can also be used for short periods outdoors. It can be cut to size and shape with a cutting plotter.
easy dot® Chalkboard black can be printed with (eco-)solvent, UV/UVgel, and latex inks of all generations.


  • The printable blackboard film to stick up anywhere
  • Write on it with chalk or liquid chalk
  • For food outlets, shops, educational establishments, etc.
  • For indoor and outdoor application
  • Easy to apply with no bubbles
  • Can be removed without residues


6038694 10 m x 137,2 cm
6038695 30 m x 137,2 cm