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FILMOfloor Rug ‘n’ Wall

printable ►textile fabric ►extra strong hold ►multi-sided bonding ►high scratch resistance


FILMOfloor Rug’n’Wall is a printable, self-adhesive textile fabric with a textured surface. The product is suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor applications. It is specially designed for use on floors, carpets and walls. After printing with latex and UV inks, the surface has high scratch resistance. The flexible textile fabric adheres to many different surfaces, such as tiles, wood and PVC floors, and untreated stone floors (not marble!). After application, the product can be easily removed.
FILMOfloor Rug’n’Wall is printable with (eco-) solvent and UV inks as well as latex inks. The slip resistance R12 is certified according to DIN 51130.


  • Self-adhesive, printable textile fabric
  • Textured PVC coating
  • Suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor use
  • Easily removable

6044011 25 m x 137,2 cm