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FILMOfloor Rug ‘n’ Wall

Print, apply, done - that's how easy it is to use FILMOfloor Rug 'n' Wall. The new textile fabric with textured PVC coating transforms walls and floors in one simple step. Thanks to its certified R12 slip resistance, the film requires no additional laminate. Rug 'n' Wall is designed for indoor and short-term outdoor applications and can be applied to carpet, tile, wood and PVC flooring, as well as unfinished stone floors. This versatility makes FILMOfloor Rug 'n' Wall a very cost and time-efficient solution for POS advertising, trade show booth construction and promotional campaigns or signage in movie theaters, restaurants, museums, theme parks and much more. After use, the product is very easy to remove.  


Typical applications

  • specially designed for use on floors, carpets and walls
  • suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor use – see data sheet

Product features

  • 450 g/m² textile fabric with structured PVC coating
  • slip resistance R12 according to DIN 51130
  • certified slip resistance without additional laminate
  • very good removability
  • suitable for (eco) solvent, latex and UV-curable inks


FILMOfloor Rug ‘n’ Wall is compatible with (Eco) Solvent, Latex and UV-curable inks. When using latex and UV-curable inks, the surface receives a scratch-resistant coating, making FILMOfloor Rug ‘n’ Wall even more durable for foot traffic.


6044011 25 m x 137,2 cm