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solvoprint® citylight superior

Printable ►Self-adhesive ►Re-detachable ►PVC-free ►Translucent ►Front-lit and back-lit ►Good color quality


solvoprint® citylight superior is a high-quality, printable, matte backlit film. The translucent, PVC-free PET film enables photo-realistic print quality and is suitable for transmitted and reflected light applications. Even in indirect lighting, the low-reflection film offers excellent color quality with good contrasts. Thanks to its dimensional stability, solvoprint® citylight superior is suitable for advertising on glass surfaces and light boxes, for example at the point of sale or at trade shows. The print medium is also versatile as a design element in interior design.
solvoprint® citylight superior can be printed with (eco-) solvent and UV/UV gel inks as well as latex inks.


  • PVC-free PET film
  • Translucent, white matt
  • For transmitted and reflected light applications
  • Excellent color quality
  • Indoor and outdoor application


6033360 30 m x 106,7 cm
6035301 30 m x 127 cm
6031867 30 m x 137,2 cm
6031869 30 m x 152,4 cm

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