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solvoprint® performance 80

Printable glossy film ►Indoor and outdoor use ►Photorealistic printing ►Self-adhesive


solvoprint® performance 80 is a printable, polymer film with a glossy white surface. The self-adhesive film has a permanent, water-based, and environmentally friendly adhesive. It can be applied to even and bent surfaces indoors and outdoors. The high-performance film is ideal, for example, for partial wrapping of vehicles and for all challenging advertising and signage tasks. It has optimal color performance for deep, brilliant colors and photorealistic printing quality.
solvoprint® performance 80 is printable with (eco-)solvent, UV/UV gel, and latex inks. The film’s fire safety is certified to M1 in accordance with NFP92.


  • Ideal for partial vehicle wrapping
  • Printable with photorealistic print quality
  • Glossy white surface
  • Extremely durable in indoor or outdoor use



6032685 50 m x 106,7 cm while stocks last

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