April 2024

PVC-Free films overview: printing films become more sustainable

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PVC-Free films overview: printing films become more sustainable
In a world where environmental consciousness is increasingly important, sustainable alternatives to conventional materials are gaining more significance. This is especially true for the advertising industry, where the demand for PVC-free films has steadily grown in recent years. Neschen, as a renowned manufacturer of high-quality printing films and coatings, has in an early stage already embarked on the development and production of PVC-free films to meet the rising demand for more environmentally friendly solutions.

A Sustainable development in advertising technology
The demand for PVC-free films has significantly increased lately. Companies, especially large global brands, are increasingly focusing on sustainability issues. Neschen, as a pioneer in sustainability in the advertising technology industry, has been offering PVC-free alternatives for some time now to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions. Explore Neschen’s wide range of PVC-free films here: Neschen Green Graphics

Types of PVC-free films
Neschen offers various PVC-free films, including polyolefins such as polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE), bio-PE, and polyester (PET). PP and PE films are cost-effective alternatives with robust product properties for UV printers. Bio-PE films, with an organic content of over 50%, are currently not printable, but we are working on that. Our PET films, made from polyethylene terephthalate, offer optimal performance and are optimized for printing with latex and UV inks.

Advantages of PVC-free films
Compared to conventional PVC-based products, PVC-free films (e.g., easy dot® PET matt L-UV or UVprint PP easy dot® matt) offer a range of benefits. They are dimensionally stable, do not deform, and have almost no shrinkage. Transparent PVC-free films (e.g., easy dot® PET transparent L-UV) provide significantly better clarity and are also more environmentally friendly as they require up to 40% less material, thereby producing less waste. Neschen aims to offer high-quality PVC-free films that are not only environmentally friendly, but also provide top performance and quality.

Challenges and solutions
While the use of PVC-free films brings many advantages, it also presents certain challenges. For example, dimensional stability can make processing more difficult. Through innovative solutions and profound expertise, Neschen assists its customers in exploiting the benefits of PVC-free films.

“The development and production of PVC-free films are not only a commitment to the environment for us at Neschen, but also an opportunity to develop innovative solutions that are both environmentally friendly and of high quality.” – Moritz Weber, Head of Marketing, Neschen.

Support measures for the Use of PVC-free films
Neschen actively advocates the promotion of PVC-free films. By participating in various project groups and initiatives, the company strives to encourage distributors and end customers to increasingly opt for environmentally friendly alternatives. Emphasizing the benefits of PVC-free films, such as significantly better environmental performance and cost savings in disposal.

Future outlook
The future of PVC-free films looks promising. With increasing demand and rising production volumes, market prices for PVC-free films are expected to close the gap with PVC-based products.Neschen will continue to strive to offer innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to meet the growing demands for sustainability. As a leading manufacturer of PVC-free films, Neschen is well positioned to drive the development and use of these sustainable materials forward. Learn more about Neschen’s wide range of PVC-free films here: Neschen Green Graphics

The use of PVC-free films in the advertising technology industry is a significant step towards a more sustainable future. This concerns us all! Neschen has established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality PVC-free films and actively contributes to reducing the ecological footprint and minimizing environmental impact. Through continuous innovation and commitment, Neschen will continue to play a leading role in the development and production of environmentally friendly printing films.