August 2023

Floor stickers: the absolute mood creators for events

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The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is one of the largest dance music festivals in the world, attracting thousands of visitors worldwide. For five days, Amsterdam was entirely dedicated to electronic music such as trance, house, and techno. In total, the festival consists of more than 1,000 events at nearly 200 different locations, including the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. As an organization, you want visitors to be immediately captured by the atmosphere and get into the right mood. It was the task of Decopartners from Houten (Netherlands) to transform the entrance hall into a glamorous space. Read about the great work they have done in this blog article.

The first impression with maximum impact

The success of the event depends to some extent on the right styling. From the moment visitors enter the building, you want them to experience that “wow-moment.” After all, you can only make a brilliant first impression just once, and that starts in the entrance hall. Decopartners was approached with the task of providing the entrance hall of the Ziggo Dome with a giant floor decoration. The solution was a floor sticker no less than 8 meters wide and 24 meters long, consisting of a graphic motif with a special 3D effect. Due to the creative interplay of lines, the print even seems to rise from the floor in some places. In addition to creating the right atmosphere, the floor sticker also has a routing function. The sticker ensures that the flow of visitors is led directly in the right direction to the performance hall.

Material selection

To decorate an event, you can use various elements such as displays, flags, and stickers. But usually with large-scale events such as the ADE, there are strict requirements for the decoration. Very little may be changed to the location for safety reasons and in order not to obstacle the flow of visitors. Using a floor sticker was therefore the perfect solution! It is an absolute eye-catcher that does not take any physical space, but does attract a lot of attention.

The next step was the choice of material for the floor sticker. Since over 10,000 people would be walking on it, it was important that the sticker is scratch-resistant and attaches firmly to the floor. In addition, the surface had to be completely non-slip to prevent people from slipping. Furthermore, good adhesion and Removability were also important because the sticker had to be removed effortless after 3 days without leaving any adhesive residue.

Because of the high risks, Decopartners chose one of the most robust floor sticker materials − FILMOfloor Rug’n’Wall. This material features a strong R12 certified anti-slip coating, which means it does not require any additional lamination. FILMOfloor Rug’n’Wall can be applied to carpet, tile, wood and PVC floors, as well as untreated stone floors and walls, and is easy to remove without leaving adhesive residue afterward. The perfect choice for this mission!

Print, apply and remove

The sticker has been printed with latex. The material was easy to apply despite its large size. The powerful adhesive ensured excellent attachment to the quartz carpet floor. After three days of intensive use by more than 10,000 visitors, the sticker held up perfectly and could be removed effortless by the organization to their complete satisfaction, without leaving any adhesive residue.

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