August 2023

Book repair tapes: The 3 golden rules!

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Book repair is a good thing. Since books’ appearance helps to win the reader’s sympathy, they should be repaired and preserved for reasons of sustainability.

With filmoplast® P, filmoplast® P 90 and filmoplast® P 90 Plus we introduce you in this article to our well-proven repair tapes and provide you with tools for perfect book repair.

Rule 1 – The correct solution

Broken books, for example, can be repaired with filmoplast® P, filmoplast® P 90 and filmoplast® P 90 Plus. These products can be used to strengthen the bond between the cover and the book body, repair torn pages, and bond documents and papers. Read below to find out which product fits your situation, so you can make the right choice for your book repair.

filmoplast® P

This transparent and self-adhesive paper tape is used for repairing tears in book pages, but also for protecting and embedding documents. It is specially developed for libraries and archives. The tape is transparent, and the taped-over text is still readable. filmoplast® P is invisible in your book. It is coated with a solvent-free, aging-resistant, and permanently elastic water-based acrylic adhesive. The adhesive is slightly alkaline so that it will not damage the document, but at the same time, there is sufficient buffer capacity to prevent acid decay.

filmoplast® P 90

This white self-adhesive paper tape can be used for attaching torn out pages. It is also used to repair old quires and for strengthen of inner book joints, especially for lighter paperbacks. The white special paper is an ideal combination of stability and flexibility. The adhesive is also slightly alkaline so that it will not damage the document, but at the same time there is sufficient buffer capacity to prevent acid decay.

filmoplast® P 90 Plus

This white, self-adhesive paper repair tape with extra-strong adhesive strength is ideal for reinforcing the joint between the book cover and book block of larger, heavier books. It hardly wears out and is very flexible, making it perfect for taping into the book joint. This tape is coated with a solvent-, acid- and phthalate-free, aging-resistant, non-yellowing, permanently elastic acrylic adhesive.

filmoplast® P, filmoplast® P 90 and filmoplast® P 90 Plus come in convenient dispensers that allow immediate dispensing of your tape, so you can get started right away. The products passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) according to ISO 18916.

Rule 2 – The right accessories

With the repair tapes, these tools come into their own.

Teflon burnishing bone

It is made of one piece of Teflon, which is extremely smooth and durable. The Teflon burnishing bone glides smoothly over numerous surfaces without leaving traces. It is adhesive-repellent and easy to clean.

Burnishing bone

Besides the Teflon burnishing bone, this is another classic bookbinding tool made of polished bone with a tapered form.

Felt squeegees

The felt squeegee, made from one piece of felt, is not only suitable for bubble-free application of our filmolux® book protection films but also for processing our filmoplast® repair tapes. The soft felt leaves no traces on papers.

Rule 3 – The correct information

Check out our other products, devices, and accessories, so you do not forget anything during your repair. Choose the best solution for you and learn more about other options here.