Book Care & Repair

filmoplast® P 90 plus

self-adhesive paper repair tape ►strong tear-resistant ► extra high adhesive strength ►for professional book repair


The white filmoplast® P 90 plus paper repair tape has extra-high adhesive strength. It is especially suitable for reinforcing and repairing the joint between book cover and book block. The very tear-resistant and self-adhesive filmoplast® P 90 plus is excellent for gluing into folds, it hardly wears at all and is particularly conformable. Papers can be joined and repaired. filmoplast® P 90 plus extends the life of books and documents. filmoplast® P 90 plus is also used in picture framing for mounting photos or papers behind the passe-partout with a T-hinge fastener or for dust-free sealing of rear walls. The special paper used has an ideal balance of stability and strength with simultaneous flexibility. The solvent-free and permanently elastic adhesive offers an easy-to-use alternative to water-activated adhesive tapes.
Aging resistance is certified by the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) according to ISO 18916. The product composition of filmoplast® P 90 plus is REACH-compliant, and the product is APEO-free and BPA-free.


  • Self-adhesive white paper repair tape
  • Extra strong adhesive
  • For professional use
  • Very tear resistant material
  • Solvent-free, acid-free and aging-resistant adhesive
  • Easy handling
  • APEO-free and BPA-free


6018639 50 m x 2 cm