Book Care & Repair

filmoplast® P

paper repair tape ►self-adhesive ►repairs torn book pages ►for professionals in libraries and much more


The self-adhesive, ultra-thin paper repair tape filmoplast® P enables almost invisible repairs, for example of torn pages, sheet music or drawings. When scanned or copied, filmoplast® P remains invisible. Also suitable for gluing in torn pages and repairing broken edges. The special paper used has an ideal balance of stability and strength, and at the same time is pliable and transparent. filmoplast® P extends the life of books and documents. filmoplast® P is also used for mounting light photos or papers behind the passepartout The solvent-free, permanently elastic adhesive offers an easy-to-use alternative to water-activated adhesive tapes. The adhesive of filmoplast® P is slightly alkaline, so that no damage to the paper is possible, but at the same time there is sufficient buffer capacity to prevent acid corrosion.
The aging resistance has been tested by the Paper Technology Foundation (PTS) and certified by the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) according to ISO 18916. The product composition of filmoplast® P is APEO-free and BPA-free.


  • Professional, self-adhesive paper repair tape
  • Ultra-thin with high transparency
  • Invisible when scanned or copied
  • Solvent-free, acid-free and aging-resistant adhesive
  • Easy handling
  • APEO and BPA free


25193 10m x 40cm
26312 50m x 1,3cm 10 Rolls
25360 50m x 2cm Dispenser
26325 50m x 2cm 10 Rolls
25361 50m x 4cm