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filmoplast® R

special paper with heat seal adhesive ►lamination of documents and newspapers ►preservation of wood pulp papers


The ultra-thin technical Japanese paper filmoplast® R is ideal for preserving wood pulp papers and newspapers from about the middle of the 19th century. It preserves the paper character of the original. Due to the low grammage, filmoplast® R is almost unnoticeable. filmoplast® R can be continuously laminated from the roll using the Neschen HSM 2.0 heat sealing machine. Fragmented documents can be reassembled on the working table of the machine in order to be then encapsulated between two layers of filmoplast® R again as a whole. The heat-activated adhesive of filmoplast R is solvent-free and acid-free. It is slightly alkaline. Acids formed during the decomposition of the paper fiber of old papers are neutralized. filmoplast® R adheres well and has a high flexural strength; the seal remains intact even with repeated folding. With the help of the RT heating piston, filmoplast® R repairs almost invisibly, for example, torn pages, sheet music, or drawings. filmoplast® R can be removed again. The lamination can be dissolved in a water bath, alcohol, or heat. Please observe the application description in the technical information.
The aging resistance is certified by the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS – paper technology specialists) and the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) according to ISO 18916. The product is APEO- and BPA-free.


  • Professional special paper with heat seal adhesive
  • Wafer-thin with high transparency
  • Almost invisible repair of cracks
  • Preservation of antique wood pulp papers and newspapers
  • Solvent-free, acid-free, and aging-resistant adhesive
  • Processing with Neschen HSM 2.0
  • Aging resistance certified by PAT according to ISO 18916
  • APEO- and BPA-free



26200 50m x 2cm
26201 50m x 31cm
26202 50m x 41cm
26203 50m x 62cm
6012831 50m x 93cm