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Felt squeegee

white-wool felt squeegee ►for bubble-free bonding ►no scratching ►45 ° beveled longitudinal edge ►soft and stable


The felt squeegee is a soft and stable tool for bubble-free and clean bonding of filmolux® book protection films. The soft felt prevents scratching of the film surface and, at the same time, is tough enough to sit nicely in your hand. With the longitudinal edge beveled by 45 °, the felt squeegee is a practical working aid when applying film to books. It has a working width of 16 cm and is off-white.


  • Felt squeegee
  • Soft yet stable
  • No scratching of the surface
  • 45 ° beveled longitudinal edge
  • Bubble-free and clean bonding


6032662 75 x 45 x 8 mm
6032661 130 x 70 x 8 mm

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